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Browder Capital is a boutique investment management company specializing in a subset of portfolio management. With over 16 years of combined investment experience, our company founders have developed and fine-tuned an investment strategy that has proven to effectively capitalize on the short-term inefficiencies of the market. Our highly active long/short equity strategy aims to provide clients with capital appreciation through an actively managed equity and derivative portfolio driven by proprietary algorithms, expansive market research and in-depth analysis. This results in an exciting opportunity for investors looking to diversify their portfolio in an actively managed, growth oriented, and hedged investment vehicle.


At Browder Capital, we believe that market volatility provides an exciting opportunity for actively managed portfolios. After conducting thorough research and in-depth analysis, our highly active trading strategy allows us to capitalize on this volatility while mitigating the risks associated with traditional buy and hold portfolio strategies. Rather than taking a position for a pre-determined amount of time, we take a position with a pre-determined amount of return based on the results of our proprietary algorithms and analyses.

Actively Managed

Highly active trading allows us to hedge against risk through significantly reducing the amount of time we are invested in any one position while capitalizing on market volatility.


Our structure and strategy provide you the access and flexibility to deposit and withdraw your assets whenever and wherever you would like.


Through a web-based portal our clients are only a few clicks away from being able to view and analyze their investment performance using a suite of complimentary reporting tools.

SMA Structure

Separately Managed Accounts provide our clients the convenience and security they deserve by giving them direct ownership to all underlying securities instead of simple representation of ownership in the form of a share.


Patrick Browder


Chief Compliance Officer

Patrick Browder
Patrick Browder

Patrick Browder


Chief Compliance Officer

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